Happy Friday! Vaping Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

For people who like to vape (I’m not one of them, personally, but you know- to each his own) I have some bad news for you: according to this study, you are still doing damage to your lungs, with or without nicotine. Not to end the week on a down note, but hey, the more you know.

Check out the article, and have a great weekend everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Friday! Vaping Edition

  1. A vape store opened in the strip mall we are connected to. It’s really brought down the level of people that come into our strip mall. But, hopefully the wine store opening next to us will help offset it and class the place up a bit. If not, at least it could make for an entertaining video. “Chewy goes to a wine tasting then tries to teach class.”

    • Katie

      Haha, I think you should actually run a cross-promotion: come get healthy at our gym, then undo all your hard work with booze and nicotine! That or start a new program, “drunk jitsu”. I’ll let you iron out the details on that one.

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