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BJJ and Mouthguards: Where They Should, and Shouldn’t Go

I’m never against someone wearing a mouthguard: personally I don’t, but once in a while when I’m (accidentally) hit in the face, I start to reconsider this policy….and then the next second I’m right back to rolling.

Speaking of mouthguards though, guys and gals, let’s talk about some places where mouthguards should, and shouldn’t go (thank you Savage Kitsune for inspiring this post). I’m pretty sure I’m overreacting, because I have a thing with mouths (do you know what kind of bacteria lives in there?!)- like really, typically I don’t share food, drink, lip balm, etc. with someone unless I’m related to them, I’ve been dating them, or have been rolling with them a bunch. Anyway, here’s my list-

Where Mouthguards Should Go, Or Be Placed: 

In your mouth

In your hand, about to go in your mouth, or about to be placed into, or (the less preferable) on top of a container

Into, or on top of a container that is (preferably) washed on a regular basis- I used to have retainers and even a custom mouthguard for a brief period post-braces, so I know all about that container funk.

Where Mouthguards Should Not Go, Or Be Placed:

Behind Your Ear

Tucked into Your Pants

On the matted floor

On top of a wall mat

On a bench, not in or on a container

On a sink in the locker room- I personally have never seen this happen, but I’m sure it has at some point.

…Really, anywhere else in which theoretically a person will have to pick up something that has your saliva all over it.

Please. Stop. It’s gross.

Any other places you can think you would rather not see a mouthguard? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day!


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