Article on Taping Your Fingers for BJJ

So real confession guys: I don’t tap my fingers, but I probably really should.

Why don’t I? Well, It’s part forgetfulness, part pride (I’m tough! I don’t need to tape my fingers!…Or whatever) and a whole lot of stupidity if we’re being totally honest.

So join me in reading the article on White Belt Jiu Jitsu about why you should tape your fingers, and watch a little instructional video on how to do it. And maybe I’ll get it through my thick skull (one of these days) that this is something I should do on a regular basis.

Have a great day everyone!



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2 responses to “Article on Taping Your Fingers for BJJ

  1. Ah man, thanks for this. I picked up Spider Guard seriously again and it’s causing stress on my fingers. I tried a tape job yesterday but the tape didn’t hold up during sparring, ended up just coming off. Thanks!

  2. Always tape when hard sparring will ensue.. Helping me many.

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