Starting in BJJ: White Belts are Like Puppies


Sorry guys, in my mind you guys are like puppies: brand new, limited body orientation and spatial awareness, extra wriggly. And also, prone to make mistakes.

I think a lot of white belts are hard on themselves when they start jiu jitsu, particularly when they don’t get a certain technique down right away, which I understand: they are developing a passion for the sport, and want to do well in it. But just as you can’t expect a puppy to learn the command “sit” or “roll over” on the first try, it’s hard to expect a white belt to master something in just one class. It take time, patience, and a lot of practice to master these actions.

Still go to class: still drill, still train, still learn- just remember you’re still in your puppy-phase: this is the time to learn and have fun.


That’s all for today, folks- have a great day everyone!



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4 responses to “Starting in BJJ: White Belts are Like Puppies

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  2. Hehehe so true! I remember that lack of body coordination. Last week we had a child, B, bring a friend, D- both were 14? In any case, B was working with D, and B had huge problems doing the drill. I told him “Of course you’re having problems. How often in life are people trying to knock you down? None! Of course he’s falling over and collapsing. How often are people trying to knock you down in BJJ? ALL THE TIME. Of course you’re better.” heh. That was a fun “Why are you surprised a beginner sucks” conversation.

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  4. Extra wriggly! So true! I’m a white belt and this sounds all accurate.

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