Article from GrappleArts on Black Belt Blindness and Other Dangers

Stephen Kesting over on Grapple Arts wrote a really good article on Black Belt Blindness and other Dangers- referring to the tendency for people to revere and almost glorify black belts, and how this is a dangerous practice.

And I agree with him- a black belt signifies mastery in one jiu jitsu, not in life in general. We’re all human, from white belt all the way up to black: we’ve talked about this before, but achieving your black belt does not offer you another other sort of superiority over anyone else.

Check the article out and let me know what you think. Otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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One response to “Article from GrappleArts on Black Belt Blindness and Other Dangers

  1. Chilling.

    I’m no longer shy talking about the abuse I’ve suffered at the hands of my martial arts instructors. From childhood sexual abuse by a visiting TKD instructor, to physical assault from my old Hapkido instructor who definitely holds a cult-father status, to finding out a friend and instructor had sexually assaulted my friend (who was his Hapkido student).

    What’s nearly as disgusting is how there will never be proper accountability for any of these three men.

    What’s chilling is how the martial arts communities were complicit in allowing these men to do whatever they liked with total impunity.

    Sigh. ūüė¶ It’s heartening, in some way, to peek up out of an isolated community to see that I’m not the only one affected by this, that there are others who see this problem for what it is.

    Thank you for this post.

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