Metamoris 6 Line Up

The black speedo shorts are back everyone…

Metamoris recently released their line up for their next event: some of the more notable matches are Chael Sonnen vs Renato Sobral, Clark Gracie vs Roberto Satoshi, and Cyborg vs Mr. Speedo himself, Josh Barnett. The only real head scratcher- at first glance anyway- is Xande Ribeiro and Keenan Cornelius. I see a lot of pressure in Cornelius’ future. And a lot of feet and use of flexibility on Keenan’s end. It’s either going to be a super interesting match, or there is a very real (and sadly, boring) possibility that the two are going to get tied up and go nowhere for 20 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed for the former, kids.

Take a look at the site, and let me know what match you’re looking the most forward to. Or which one you’re dreading the most (let’s be honest here, there’s probably one you took a look at and said “oh no, really?”).

Have a great day everyone!


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One response to “Metamoris 6 Line Up

  1. The Xande/Keenan match should be headlining. Lots of technical stuff going on in there, it’s going to be good. Bad style matchup for cyborg. Glad to see Satoshi getting some love and being a (adopted) PNW guy, nice to see Monson getting a payday even if it is as a literal gatekeeper. Disappointed that there aren’t any women. This is the 6th event and they’ve had a single women’s match, which is kind of pathetic.

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