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Happy Friday! Awful Architecture Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So, I don’t really talk about my day job, but out there in the real world I do marketing in residential real estate, primarily anyway. Which is sort of how I found this, which is awful enough to share with you all:

latimer house


Welcome to the Latimer House.  The residence is currently listed for sale at $4.4 Million (trust me, this is pretty rare in the city), and as one person described it, looks like a Saab dealership.

(I also think the image above is an awful photo stitching job which doesn’t help in marketing the home and makes me twitchy, but you get the idea.)

If anyone has about 4 Million to blow however, I think this would make an amazing jiu jitsu academy. Think about it- huge windows, lots of first floor space, there’s a loft space that’s open and overlooks the first floor- perfect for an instructor’s office.

Just wanted to share with you all. Have a great weekend everybody!



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