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Science! I’m Going to Live Forever….

Apparently, according to some of the studies IFLScience has been posting about.

Anyone who knows me IRL is well aware I drink a lot of coffee, and eat a lot of peanuts/peanut butter. In addition to the recent study which showed drinking coffee reduces the breakage in DNA strands, it also seems to benefit your heart, a new study now shows it can also help to reduce the risk of calcium build up in your heart’s arteries, and therefore less of a chance for them to clog and create heart problems down the line.

The second study took place over several years and monitored over 200,000 people, running the whole gamut of demographic groups. Unfortunately over the study about 14,000 people died, however: ” they found that those who consumed peanuts had drastically reduced total mortality, by 17-21 percent. When they examined the cause of death, they realized that eating peanuts was linked to a decrease of a staggering 23-38 percent in death caused by cardiovascular disease.”

While the article definitely clarifies that there is no clear cause and effect, they are pointing out an interesting correlation.

They are pretty interesting articles: check them out and let me know what you think!


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