UFC 184 and the 14 Second Submission

So, Zingano vs. Rousey….How ’bout that fight?

It was surprising to say the least. I’m sure there’s some argument for what Zingano did- best defense is a good offense or whatever, but it was a big mistake that most certainly cost her.

What did you guys think about the fight? Or the fight between Ellenberger and Koshcheck? Personally, I have no love for Koshcheck so I’m fairly satisfied with the outcome- but that’s just me.

Let me know!


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5 responses to “UFC 184 and the 14 Second Submission

  1. Ellenberger’s boxing has improved so much. His head movement and counter punching was excellent. Zingano definitely made a mistake. She took a big risk that didn’t pay off. Hopefully she gets a chance at a rematch

  2. Ferguson did really well, and I really liked Jouban’s performance. Koschek pretty clearly doesn’t want to fight anymore, but it seems like he has to, for some reason. Ellenberger has never really impressed me, but he did a good job with the submission. As far Cat, I am a fan of hers, but I am a bigger fan of Ronda, so I will admit to some bias. When you are fighting an Olympic-level judoka, you should not be committing your energy as much as she did with that flying knee–she’s lucky she didn’t get thrown immediately off of that. I commend her for throwing Ronda after missing the knee, but throwing an Olympic-level judoka is asking to be reversed.

  3. I do find it odd that Zingano opened with a flying knee. Rousey has said herself that all she needs to win a fight is a clinch. I would really like to see someone fight her who is able to control the distance and keep her at range. It’s still not a guaranteed win, as Rousey is much more multifaceted than many people have thought, but it would force her to use other aspects of her game.

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