Interesting Post about MMA Ban in France

I know everyone and their mom is talking about the kid who received his 7th degree black belt and their thoughts on it (which in short, my opinion is I don’t agree with it and the owner of the school should have found an alternative means to improve student retention among the minors in his academy) but here’s another interesting article from Bloody Elbow.

France recently banned judo coaches from teaching students MMA- how you can ban that sort of thing is beyond me, but whatever.  This decision has drawn a lot of criticism, including a comment from the current president of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Bertrand Amoussou:

“The latest statement made by the president of the French Judo Federation, Jean Luc Rougé, threatening to ban judo coaches from teaching MMA in France, is a characteristic abuse of power.

Thanks for keeping it real, Bertrand.

For more info about this ban and those who disagree with it, check out the article and let me know what you think. Personally, I think it’s hurting the sport of Judo more than helping it: instead of attracting people to the sport to keep it alive, you’re driving people away, almost guaranteeing a drop in participants and endangering the vitality of the sport. It’s hard to keep a martial art alive if no one is around to practice it.


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