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Knowledge and BJJ: When Too Much of a Good Thing Can Become A Bad Thing

As I’m sure you all are aware by now I’m a huge fan of knowledge. I want to know the who, what, where, when and why of pretty much everything (except for maybe how they make scrapple.) When it comes to jiu jitsu however there are times when (dare I say it) too much information can actually become a hindrance, especially all in one shot and particularly with a lower rank student.

I see it happen now and again with the lower rank students- they try to take on too much, slap all the pieces together too quickly, and in their eagerness to execute a technique with (at least the appearance) of proficiency in the technique, a lot of the details are lost in the process. It’s great to be so committed and enthusiastic about what we’re learning, but sometimes you need to slow it down a little, get all the details straight and build your speed from there.

That doesn’t mean that you drill in a perpetual state of slow motion, but regardless of speed you should always make sure you are hitting the key points and details of a technique. As you build on those details, as they become more and more a part of your muscle memory, the speed in which you execute a technique can be increased without sacrificing its effectiveness.

That’s all for now folks- have a great day everyone!



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