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A Test in Patience and a Jam Session

So, this past Thursday I injured my rib. I don’t think it’s anything really serious- which honestly, is simultaneously good and frustrating all at the time. Good for a shorter recovery time, frustrating because I feel like I should train harder/strong/faster/whatever; but I’m attempting to play it smart and instead explore the perimeters of what I can, and can’t do to avoid aggravating it.

Also unfortunately it seems to be putting my patience (and temper) to the test in everyday life. I haven’t been outright horrible to anyone….Although I did tell someone to “shut their goddamn mouth” yesterday (it was in a joking context. Mostly. Like, 85% joking).

Anyway, rather than dwell on pain and short tempers, let’s jam out instead-

Option one:

And here’s one for those who can rock out to something a little harder:

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