People Say the Darndest Things (About BJJ)

Meerkatsu has a post up of 10 Dumb Things People Say About BJJ– I’ve heard one or two of those comments, but I’d like to add a few comments I’ve heard a couple of times over the years:

“So, do you think you would be able to handle yourself in a fight [on the street]?” – I always find this question odd,  and the snarky part of my personality always itches to say something really sarcastic in response to this comment. I suppress it for the most part, but there’s still that urge- I can’t help it, I was born this way.

“What would you do if I took you down right now?” – I would get out of the situation and forever refer to you as “the creep who tried to assault me in public”.

And one of my favorite interactions with a coworker:

“It’s karate?”

“Well, no, it’s more like wrestling,”

“Oh…so karate wrestling.”  

That’s what we’re doing everyone: karate wrestling.

Anyone else have any notable comments you’ve heard over the years about jiu jitsu? Let me know!


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3 responses to “People Say the Darndest Things (About BJJ)

  1. Hah, I get those even though I train in Aikido. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Don’t be the brave idiot that says”so show me what you can do”. or “I bet you can’t choke me out”.

  3. Our academy used to be upstairs from a restaurant, and was across the hall from the only public restrooms in the building. One evening, a young lady who had been.. overserved at the restaurant came upstairs and wandered into our academy. Class was wrapping up, and everyone was sparring. We got visitors quite a bit so one of the brown belts went over to do the usual dog and pony show. This young lady immediately “puts up her dukes” so to speak, and starts yelling “show me your karate!” Darren, the brown belt in question, kind of laughs. She apparently found his lack of ‘karate’ unimpressive and she begins to repeatedly and VERY drunkenly sort of stumble-kick him in the leg all the while yelling “SHOW ME YOUR KARATE!!” over and over. We all stopped and started cracking up, which only seemed to encourage her. Eventually her friends escorted her back down the stairs. It was hilarious.
    Show me your karate, Classy, show me your karate.

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