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If You Put Yourself in the Same Positions, You’ll End Up in the Same Places

So, since the weather is just cold and awful, I’ve been taking hot yoga classes on the weekends. It’s a nice workout and a way to work on flexibility and balance.

While I’m sure the instructor thinks I’m only listening to about 70% of what he’s saying due to all the wrong directions I’m facing and things I’m doing, but believe it or not I really am listening- I’m just also trying to not slip and face plant on my mat. Anyway, when he’s not providing instructions, calling pigeons the Power Animal of Philadelphia, or how we’re preparing for global warming (and the zombie apocalypse) with hot yoga, he throws out some interesting statements that I think we jiu jitsu people can relate to. One of these statements went (more or less) as such:

“If you put yourself in the same positions, you’llĀ end up in the same places.”

While there is nothing wrong with the familiar, it can become stifling if you only deal in your strengths- in what’s comfortable and familiar. As I’m sure you’ve heard a million times, which change comes growth: it’s when we strive for more, face what’s difficult and challenging, that’s where growth and development tend to take place. Sure it’s frustrating, but ultimately rewarding.

That’s all I’ve got for today folks- have a great day everyone!



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