The Snowstorm That Wasn’t (Not in Philadelphia, at Least)

So as a precautionary measure our academy cancelled some classes last night in preparation for a hella-ton of snow.

… That didn’t happen.

It can be frustrating, especially when you’re getting ready for a tournament or itching to get into the gym to train and try some new stuff, but we do have to keep safety in mind. Or whatever. The bright side to this however is that since the snowstorm in Philly is so relatively mild, that means pretty much everyone who was planning to come to class still can-hooray! (within reason- I’m sure some people have to deal with more snow than the majority of us in the city).

Does this happen to you often? Or enough times that you can remember- cancelled classes due to a bad weather fake-out? Let me know: otherwise, have a great day everyone!



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