Science! Scientists and Engineers Warn Of The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

Apparently a number of scientists are growing concerned at the prospect of artificial intelligence getting out of control as technology continues to advance.

I’m bringing this up due to the very first thought that came to mind when reading this article…

Jiu jitsu Robots!

Granted, nothing will beat training or competing against another living, breathing human being, but much like you can train chess with a computer how cool would it be to have something like a jiu jitsu dummy but actually moves with adjustable arms, legs, weight?

I totally understand the concern and all, but on the other hand, how cool would that be?

Let me know what you think- otherwise, have a great day everyone!



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2 responses to “Science! Scientists and Engineers Warn Of The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Could you set the belt level to white belt so that someone new to the sport could practice offensive moves rather than just turtling and saving errant arms? Of course a white belt robot spazzing all over the mat, going for submissions it saw on YouTube could be dangerous. Or, you could set it to blue belt so that it stops when you get good position and tells you how you could improve that position, rather than actually letting you “get the better of it”? Purple belt robot would be busy proving it deserved not being a blue belt anymore, and brown belt robot would be proving it deserved to be a black belt, and the black belt level would just play with you and make you feel like you’re invincible because it lets you work your technique in the absence of its ego. Then you’d have to pose for an awkward picture of the robot grappling dummy trying to form its mechanical hands into the “hang loose” hand sign. I don’t know. It might all be a little awkward.

    • Katie

      Haha, nice. I was thinking it could have sensors that could tell if you’re holding your breath while rolling. If you are doing it too much, it’ll start to play nature sounds in an effort to calm you down.

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