Jon Jones Tests Positive for Cocaine


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And here I thought steroids and weed were our biggest concerns when it came to MMA fighters (for the most part, anyway).

Cocaine? Really?

I really don’t know much about the circumstances, but I would be interested to hear Jones’ side of the story, and at what point he may the conscious decision to use cocaine. Basically, I want an explanation as to what the hell he was thinking. He has made a statement that he apologizes to everyone- friends, family, fiancée and their children, and has agreed to go to a drug treatment facility, but I’m still a little shocked by this news.

Check out the article on ESPN and let me know what you think. Otherwise, have a great day everyone! And don’t do drugs. Please.



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3 responses to “Jon Jones Tests Positive for Cocaine

  1. He may have used while he was in Brazil. He was busted around Dec 4th if I remember correctly, he was leaving Brazil around Nov 30th.. Man likes to have a good time. Personally I think it’s snowballed from his DUI arrest.

  2. I agree with you DFM2099. What I don’t understand is why the commission made it public that he had failed a drugs test. cocaine is not on the banned substances list so they shouldn’t have been testing for it in the first place. Because it’s not on the list passing or failing makes absolutely no difference what so ever. You cannot take away his title or overturn the result of his fight. So why test for it?

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