Instant Gratification “Run” in Philly

I happened across this story yesterday- Philly is debuting a 0.0 mile race next year, basically participants sign up for the “race” so they can engage in the post race partying. While I’m all for people getting down and enjoying themselves, the idea of celebrating an accomplishment without actually accomplishing anything really doesn’t jive well with me.

You would think under this logic I would have an issue with people receiving medals for being the lone person in a division, but it’s not quite the same situation. Most of the time you train and prepare for a tournament, and if it’s a blind registration, you arrive with the full expectation that you will compete in a match. Even if you are the sole person in your division, there’s an expectation that (hopefully) you’ll fight in the open. This, however…. it’s like a costume party, but with a sports theme. Really guys, you can’t even make a half-assed jog around the block with booze at different stations along the way?

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the instant gratification run, does it rub you the wrong way, or are you just indifferent to the whole thing?

Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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3 responses to “Instant Gratification “Run” in Philly

  1. This is usually the type of thing that drives me nuts, except the event seems to be poking fun at itself. I doubt people are signing up and competing thinking they’ll get a true sense of accomplishment from it. At least, I HOPE the people in the race realize it’s all just a big joke. Basically, just an excuse to party, right?

    • Katie

      I’m pretty sure it’s a joke and no one would feel any sort of accomplishment from it, but at the same time i feel like if you are giving people a racing bib and telling them to line up somewhere, you could do a little more than just have everyone hop over a line and then drink. That’s just my thought on it though.

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