There’s No Slapping in Sport Jiu Jitsu

You know, when running a class there are times when things come out of your mouth that you never thought you would have to say. This was one of those things.

To provide a little backstory, last week we covered some self defense, and some slapping was integrated slapping into some of the moves (that’s really a thing in the self defense system, look it up). Fast forward to this week, while some white belts were rolling the one girl starts slapping the guy while she’s in mount- not very hard, and they were both doing exactly what we went over in class, but it did prompt me to remind them that there was no slapping in sport jiu jitsu.

Just wanted to share that little moment with you- have a great day everyone!


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3 responses to “There’s No Slapping in Sport Jiu Jitsu

  1. You did a little giggle didn’t you!? hehe kind of cute

  2. My wife slaps me when I attempt to practice whatever the “technique of the week” is on her. Maybe I should start giving her forewarning.

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