BJJ: Understand Your Strengths, but Don’t Cater to Them

This is a pretty funny article, a satire of the “oh, only things this particular personality type will understand” articles that are floating around the internet right now:

Sorry I Murdered Everyone, But I’m an Introvert

And I guess as someone who wobbles between INTJ and INFJ, this is my favorite comment so far in response to the article- “…INTJs are the people who help you plan your party. We calculate the minimum effort necessary for maximum enjoyment, and plan ahead to reduce the stresses of being in crowds. Accidentally slaughtering all of your guests? That’s sloppy. That’s some ISFP nonsense right there.”

I feel like these articles almost excuse our personality traits-which, we should accept and acknowledge our strengths and shortcomings, but I have always disagreed with the concept of catering to them. For example, I just found out there’s an app for my phone where I can potentially have wine and liquor delivered to my house, just like a pizza.Will I use it and cater to my introverted nature that really hates crowds? No: buying alcohol for me is really such a rare occasion (maybe once every 3 to 6 months) that I can “put my big girl pants on” and face a store full of strangers just like everyone else.  Also, browsing can be fun sometimes.

To put it into a jiu jitsu context, I am pretty decent at chokes, but that doesn’t mean I should neglect joint locks. I really like one kind of sweep, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only sweep I should do. The examples could go on and on- there are certain techniques that work really well for me, some that don’t, but I try not to excuse the deficiencies in my game and only focus on my strengths. That leads to a lop-sided player in a way: almost like only working out the right side of your body but not your left, because the right side is your “strong side”.

Do you want to be the jiu jitsu equivalent of this guy? I don't.

Do you want to be the jiu jitsu equivalent of this guy? I don’t.

Understand your strengths- introversion, extroversion, right, left, chokes, armbars- but also understand that you have to work on your weaknesses on and off the mat to make yourself a more well rounded jiu jitsu player, and human being in general.

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