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BJJ: Why You Shouldn’t Quit at Blue Belt

Imagine reading a book, and getting through an exhilarating first chapter- filled with highs, lows, frustration and finally a resolution. You know there are so many more chapters to the book, but you close the cover and walk away. Or you go to a move theater to watch a film- you sit through the exposition, become invested in the characters and their conflicts, nuances, struggles, and then just as you get through the first major conflict in the plot, you stand up and walk out of the theater.


That’s sort of what happens when people quit at blue belt. Sure, a number of people have real legitimate reasons they can’t continue with jiu jitsu: work, family, health- I totally get it. But there are some people that just fade away once they get their blue belt, which is mind-boggling. There’s so much more! Sure there are more obstacles and some sacrifices to be made, but there are so many other milestones, accomplishments, unique experiences to be had, and these people are missing out on them when they quit once they receive their blue belt.

Have you had people just disappear after they get their blue belt? Is it just as baffling to you as it is to me? Let me know!


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