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From Big to Small- Adjusting Your BJJ Game as You Lose Weight

So I’ve lost some poundage recently for tournaments and such, and as I’ve been training I’ve noticed a side effect that’s both amusing and just a little frustrating: there are some positions where I have to re-adjust because what was there, well, isn’t there anymore. There’s less body for me to use, so I have to adapt to the body I now have. I have to readjust my position to use my weight to the best of my ability, particularly because there is less weight for me to work with.

Honestly, it’s a surprising change I didn’t anticipate. I thought for the most part everything would stay the same- really because I didn’t think the amount I was losing would create that much of a difference, but it does make sense- if your body composition changes enough, you have to adapt and adjust accordingly.

Has anyone else experienced this recently? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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