Eddie Bravo Invitational AKA Battle of the Beards

So I saw photos from the Eddie Bravo Invitational on my Facebook feed, and it appears the uniform for this event was either a super graphically designed rash guard or a full beard, preferably both. Check out the BJJ Legends facebook page to see what I mean.

It looks like it was a pretty interesting event- I didn’t watch the event because, well, to be totally honest I sort of forgot about it. I did take a look at some of the photos however, and it appeared to be an interesting event.

Did anyone else watch the event? What were your thoughts? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day!

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One response to “Eddie Bravo Invitational AKA Battle of the Beards

  1. it was an exciting event to watch. great display of attacking jiujitsu, no stalling just people chasing finishes. Geo martinez is fantastic!! the fight with nathan (i can’t remember his surname for some reason) was pure back and forth action.

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