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Jiu Jitsu Class: Not Always About the Fun Stuff, But the Important Stuff

Our coach has mentioned this phrase a couple of times this week: last week was a little more acrobatic in terms of techniques, but this week the techniques we are going over are undoubtedly in the “basic fundamentals” column.

I think there’s a pressure sometimes for instructors to “teach to impress” students: not always intentionally, but there is a pressure show them the cool, fancy stuff to keep their interest, keep them coming to class. I’m not trying to critique anyone’s teaching style, but we should keep in mind that¬†the basics, or what people would consider “un-fun” are absolutely ¬†essential. That super cool flying/twirling submission isn’t going to mean anything if you don’t understand the fundamentals that go along with it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but you didn’t learn to run before you learned to crawl, so why would jiu jitsu be any different?

Also, I believe in learning the basics even if you consider them tedious, because when it comes time in either rolling in your gym, or out in competition, sure the fancy stuff is cool but particularly in the beginning I feel like the basics are really the moves that make the most difference. Again, you have to understand the basics of what you are doing to apply the special grip/circumstance/weight placement to make the fancy stuff really work.

Those are just my two cents. Have a great day everyone!

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