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UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy’s Raw Deal on Saturday Night

I don’t know if you guys watched this past weekend’s UFC, but personally I feel bad for UFC fighter Tim Kennedy.

Just a quick, poorly worded recap: Kennedy pretty much knocked out his opponent, Yoel Romero right as round ended. Romero sat down on a stool and actually refused to get up for an additional 30 seconds. If you were Kennedy, wouldn’t that give you the impression that you had it in the bag, the fight was pretty much yours?

Wrong, my friend. Romero finally got of the stool (after the ref basically threw his corner man out) and ended up beating Kennedy.

Dude, that sucks.

Apparently Kennedy and Romero also had an (verbal) altercation after the match, but really what can you do? The damage had already been done.

Still, I feel bad for Kennedy: that was a complete surprise that just sucked for him in the end.

Anyone else watch the fights this weekend? What did you think of the match? There were some other pretty interesting matches; let me know what you thought about them-otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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