Jiu Jitsu: Where the Mundane Can Seem Magical

So as you know I really avoid talking about how my training sessions go with my partners, but last night I was rolling with a white belt girl- I let her set up a submission, and then got out of it just as a muscle memory, in hindsight I really should have just let her finish it to get the feeling for the successful completion of the technique. My bad.

Anyway, it was a thing that I’ve practiced a million times, and got out of the set up: it wasn’t a particularly fancy or graceful move, but my partner looked at me like I had just pulled a rabbit out of my gi top.

“How did you do that?” she asked me, her eyes wide in wonderment.

I just told her years of practice- partially because it was one of those things I do so naturally now that I would have to take a minute to think about how to explain it, and we just didn’t have time for that, and also because it’s the truth. After enough practice, and some training, and even more practice the techniques you learn will become second nature: you’ll become more attune to timing, openings and opportunities to use them. What at first seems slow, grinding and simple can over time become a much more fluid technique that you can perform with confidence. And hopefully what seems routine and mundane to you will appear skillful, almost magical to someone else (most likely a lower rank).

That’s all I’ve got for today- have a great day everyone!

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