Happy Friday: (Female) Viking Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So on a pretty awesome note, a recent archaeological study found that female Viking warriors were a (really) a real thing. Apparently when the burial grounds of viking warriors were studied, they just assumed if the remains had a sword and shield, it was a male.

But hold on there, friend:

“By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons.”

Personally, I think that’s pretty flippin’ sweet.

Check out the article and let me know what you think- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!




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2 responses to “Happy Friday: (Female) Viking Edition

  1. I’m really glad this was looked at again. It’s a good reminder that one should not judge based on a small detail or two.

  2. Vikings have always been cool: this makes them a whole lot more awesome! I’m looking forward to reading more about that study: hopefully it leads to a larger work on female viking warriors at some point down the line. That’s definitely a book I’d read.

    Also makes me want to go play Heimdall and Albion again (especially as I discovered an amazing app for my phone that lets me play pretty much any of my old DOS games :D).

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