Interesting Post from Black Belt Felipe Costa on Students and Belt Changes

So Felipe Costa recently posted on his blog about students expressing their opinions about when they think it’s time to change their belts. I think probably historically you always have people are impatient about getting to the next belt, to show they have advanced to the next level, it’s just more pronounced in this day and age I feel due to two factors: A) there are more people in the sport, so you hear of more occurrences of this sort of thing happening and B) As time goes on the impression that one has a right to express their opinion becomes more pronounced and encouraged, which gives people the idea that they should express their thoughts on where they are in their belt.

I find this sort of funny, and kind of reminds me of a recent event. Someone walked up to me in the mat room, and I guess was trying to make conversation and asked “so when do you think you are getting your black belt?”

At first I was surprised that someone would ask that in the first place (it was a white belt, so we can give him some slack), but I replied something to the effect of “whenever our coach decides I’ve earned it.”

We can guess, hypothesize, conjecture, but really at the end of the day something like that is totally out of our hands- so why worry yourself about it in the first place?

That’s all I’ve got for today folks- thanks for reading and have a great day!


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