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Happy Friday: Strong Ladies Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Tony Gentilcore (to be honest I’m not really sure who this guy is- this article was shared on my Fitocracy feed. Yes, I’m still using Fitocracy.) posted this article on his blog about how women are told to “not get too muscular”.

I say get muscular. Get strong. Do those push ups and bench presses, squats and cleans.

Not to sound cliche but strength is beauty. To me, that means functional strength is beautiful. I know now and again I complain about my “dude arms” but honestly, if given the choice between “dude arms” and not being able to do half the things I can now- I’m picking my muscular shoulders and (oddly) well developed upper arms, any and every day of the week.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!

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