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Coming Back to Center

Today is just one of those days where the life/work/training balance feels all out of sorts. We’ve all experienced it: we have our schedules and routines, our rituals in place for the week, and then next thing you know fate slaps us into a tail spin as we try to get back to the routine we were so familiar with.

I think it’s key to remember that times like these don’t last forever: sure, it’s an annoying inconvenience when they occur, but just as there are dull moments in our lives, there are also periods of chaos. We just have to do our best to weather the storm, come back to center and try to get back to a routine that we can live with. That may mean taking jiu jitsu class at a different time, changing up your commute, getting up earlier, or just sitting tight and letting the storm pass so you can come back to center, and get back to your regular schedule.

…That’s all I have for today folks. Have a great day everyone!

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