Video on How to Not Roll with A Female

BJJ Immersion shared this video from Unit2Fitness on how to not roll with a female jiu jitsu player:

It’s pretty funny. The good news is that the few that behave this way are pretty much in the minority, and it’s a phase (for the most part) they grow out of as time passes.

What do you guys think? Let me know- Otherwise, have a great day!






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3 responses to “Video on How to Not Roll with A Female

  1. Reblogged this on LuJitsu and commented:
    Fortunately, I’ve not come across anything like this, but I’m perfecting my triangle in case I’m ever presented with this situation…

  2. hilarious. though i can’t imagine anybody actually saying those things (aka as asking to be beat)?

  3. Ivymere

    I’ve so far encountered boys who “are afraid to put their weight on me” but no one that douchey.

    In Krav, though, I do get the “no one wants to pair up with the girl” even though most of the time I’ve been there longest and actually know the techniques pretty well. (I’m not saying I’m better at fighting or combat than them, necessarily, though.). A lot of them take it real easy when it’s their turn to attack and I have no compulsions “defending” with more intensity than I would to a good partner. And they quickly learn it really is stupid to not wear a cup to class.

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