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The Curious Case of The Abu Dhabi Pro Trials

So….anyone have any idea when those are happening? Because I don’t.

For anyone who isn’t sure what I’m talking about, the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials are a series of tournaments or “trials” for competitors to qualify for a (paid) trip to one huge tournament out in the United Arab Emirates. It looks like over the past couple of years they have been fiddling with the structure of the trials: from cutting down the number of qualifying tournaments to fiddling with the divisions- for women, anyway- but you would usually hear word about this tournament by now.

So far I’ve checked their website and there is no mention of any Pro Trials happening anywhere. The past few years they have held one of the trials in New York and typically in mid to late October. According to the New York Abu Dhabi Pro Trial Facebook page, the group in charge of the tournaments¬†haven’t released any dates yet.

Anyone have the inside scoop on this? Again, because I sure don’t: let me know, otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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