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Happy Friday: Nickname Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Nicknames are a capricious thing: they can come and go, or someone can call you something enough times that it just sticks. The nicknames that last the longest tend to be the ones that develop organically- you rarely find a name that a friend or teammate made up for the express purpose of giving you a nickname to last that long.

Anyone else have any nicknames bestowed on them from teammates? While Katie is technically a nickname, in a funny turn of events some of my teammates have used my full name as a nickname (that’s a clusterfluff of a sentence, but you get what I mean). Well sort of: they’ve upped the WASPiness of my name recently and have called me “Lady Katharine”. I don’t mind: it’s pretty funny all in all.

Let me know if you have collected any nicknames along your jiu jitsu journey….Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!



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