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More Information on Rickson Gracie’s New Jiu Jitsu Federation

The site definitely has more information on it, including the official set of rules rather than just a general overview from bloggers and sport writers, a list of participating academies, and a section that is just itching to be abused, a link that says “Ask Rickson”

While knowing full well this is supposed to be a contact form for questions regarding the newly found association, there’s definitely a temptation to submit etiquette questions, a la “Dear Abbie”

“Dear Rickson,

I’m having a small gathering at my house in a few days to watch some old school vale tudo footage. After said soiree, should I send hand written thank you notes with my jiu jitsu themed stationary, or will a simple email suffice?”

“Dear Rickson,

I’m going to a baby shower next weekend for a teammate who will be having a baby girl. Should I buy them a hot pink baby gi for their impending bundle of joy, a unisex kimono or maybe just give them a gift card so they can decide?”

….And then I can proudly tell my children and grandchildren about how I was kicked out of a tournament organization without even actually participating.

Anyway, if you are curious regarding the actual rules of the organization, or want to sign up for updates on when they will start holding tournaments ( I imagine they have that option somewhere on the site) Check out the actual site, and if you decide to ask Rickson anything other than JJGF related questions,  you did NOT get it from me.

Nope, No-Sir-Ree-Bob: never put that idea into your head… 😛

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