BJJ: Getting Mad, and Stupid

“I’m getting mad- and when I get mad, I get stupid.”

Recently my mother apparently dropped this gem in the middle of rush hour traffic when talking to my stepdad, and it’s a feeling that we all can relate to. It’s also one of the bigger reasons why you should keep your cool on the mat. Think about that time someone did something that pissed you off, and you just got so mad that you stopped concerning yourself with technique and just started thrashing around. Did you win the match? That’s really a trick question, because win or lose, in my opinion the answer is still no.

No, because you lost the match to your emotions- you became reactive, and instead of your opponent taking control of the match (or hell, maybe they did in the end), you let your own emotions dictate your actions and strategy.  You throw technique out the window and you are reacting- to your opponent, to the situation, to yourself. Admittedly there is a burst of energy that comes from that anger- a quick burning rush of adrenaline that can give you a burst of speed, strength, whatever. So you burn through that exhilarating 30 seconds of energy….soooo, how are you going to survive the next 5 minutes of your match with your teammate or opponent?

I’m not saying there isn’t a time to put the pedal to the metal, go all out, try something. But it should be a conscious decision, and still maintaining your technique- not just basically lashing out at the person you’re rolling with. And more often than not you end up leaving yourself more vulnerable to your opponent than if you had just kept your cool.

Anyway, those are my thoughts- do you have anything to add? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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