BJJ Etiquette Tip: Wash Your Hands Between Petting Your Animal and Training

We all know the basics: shower, wash your gi’s on a regular basis, keep your toenails and fingernails clipped, etc. But there is one that we don’t really talk about, and to be honest I imagine those affected feel a little awkward bringing it up: please wash your hands in between petting your animal and training.

You may gawk a little at that statement, but I can tell you as someone who loves animals, but has a pretty sensitive allergy to cats (which sucks, but what can you do) I can count a handful of times where I have trained with someone and then minutes later felt my eyes itch, along with an itchy rash on my neck or jawline…And finding out my training partner owns a cat. The thing is, this doesn’t happen with all training partners and cat owners. Either their cats produce less of the protein that causes the reaction, or my personal theory- they’ve washed their hands in between petting Mr. Fluffy and getting on the mat.

Why don’t I take allergy medicine? Because frankly it makes me feel groggy- I’m going to start experimenting with some different allergy meds to see if there’s something I can take other than Benedryl every 4 hours. Oh, another tip: don’t take Benedryl before bed, or you may have  nightmare where you’re being chased by a T-Rex…..that’s engulfed in flames.

….Maybe. Results may vary. Just saying.

I would also mention trying to keep your pets off of your clean gi’s, but we both know that’s pretty much impossible so I’m not even going to approach that subject.

So, that’s my BJJ Etiquette tip for the day: anything anyone want to add? Let me know, otherwise have a great day everyone!





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One response to “BJJ Etiquette Tip: Wash Your Hands Between Petting Your Animal and Training

  1. One of my teachers is horribly allergic to cats. It seems to help a bit when I carry one of those sticky lint roller things in my gym bag and go over my gi and rashie before class.

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