Summer Plans?

Good morning everyone! This Saturday marked the summer solstice, or the official first day of summer!

What are your plans for this summer? Any tournaments? Hanging out at the beach? Traveling in general?….None of the above?

Let me know what your plan are for this summer- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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2 responses to “Summer Plans?

  1. Training trips, tournaments and lots of training and pool time for me.

  2. First day of summer? You mean height of summer! Summer solstice, for us anyway, signals the return of winter. And darkness! (Well, in about a month, it’ll start getting dark.) We’re halfway through – only one or two more months until the cold returns. 🙂 Which means I get really antsy about solstice and how half the summer is gone already!

    So… I’m going to be soaking it up, being outdoors as much as I can, hiking, camping, biking a lot, TRAINING a lot, getting ready for a tournament in September… generally enjoying the sun.

    I love the summer, but its just too dang short… and amazing.

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