Happy Friday: Leg Lock (or Lack Thereof) Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Science of Skill posted two graphs about why we all suck at leg locks. A lot of people apparently have said they lack the proper instructions, and want to learn the basics.

Personally, I’m bad at them for entirely different reasons: first, I don’t practice them enough to really see/take advantage of an opening unless it’s staring me blatantly in the face. I’m getting better at that, but still…

And second, my aim is off. Or I have a short torso. One or the other- the point is, in the middle of training I don’t seem to get my hips in the right spot, which really circles back to “I don’t practice them enough”….

Well, I guess we all know what I’m thinking about working on this summer.

Are you good at leg locks? Do you not even concern yourself with them, due to rank or riskiness of the technique? Or do you accept that it’s not really in your “A” game arsenal. Let me know- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Friday: Leg Lock (or Lack Thereof) Edition

  1. I went through a leg lock phase at purple belt, but gave up on them pretty quickly. They don’t really suit my personality. I like to maintain positional control too much.

  2. I am in the same boat as you. I don’t care to potentially hurt anyone permanently, so it seems to have affect my learning of them. I am sure it is holding me back in some way.

  3. Love the blog. I’ve got a little bjj blog of sorts going on myself, although I’m permanently stuck at white belt. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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