Hydration Frustration Sensation…of the Nation… OK I’ll Stop Trying to Make this Rhyme

So we’re getting into those hot and humid days of summer, which means now more than ever it’s imperative to stay hydrated when training. Water is great, but for those who also want to replenish your electrolyte balance, here are some options for you:

Sports Drinks: The obvious choice, but also the one with the strongest artificial flavors and funkiest colors, which personally is a bit off-putting.

Coconut Water: ok, real talk- I think coconut water is pretty gross and has a high sugar content, but it has the same electrolyte balance as human blood. So if you have no problem with the whole sugar thing and can stand the taste, I would say go for it.

Electrolyte Infused Water (like Smart Water): I know they say the electrolyte…stuff they put in is just for taste, but hell, it’s better than nothing. And, no refined sugars or crazy food dyes- hooray!

Electrolyte Mix Powders/Supplements: I’ve tried a couple of these, including the mix Emergenc-C puts out. They are pretty good, and give you want you need. I didn’t find a pressing need to go back out and buy more packets of these- most liekly because I’m just lazy and haven’t thought to do so until now.

What are you guys drinking to stay hydrated? Let me know!


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2 responses to “Hydration Frustration Sensation…of the Nation… OK I’ll Stop Trying to Make this Rhyme

  1. Our kooky old instructor advised us: eat a pickle, then drink water, then drink beer

  2. I made my own for a while with coconut water or regular water, a little juice, and lite salt (apparently that’s good because it has potassium in it) but it tasted terrible and, well, salty, which isn’t great. Now I stick mostly to water. If it’s hot or I know it’s going to be a session with a lot of rolling I put one of these Nuun tablets (http://www.nuun.com/products) in my water during class. They taste good, have no sugar in them (or very little), but are kinda pricey.

    I also try to drink at least half a gallon or more of water during the day. I get really bad dehydration headaches and this arrangement, LOTS of water during the day and a Nuun drink during training seems to work well to avoid them.

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