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DON’T Get Your Black Belt (as Quickly as Possibly)

I swear this isn’t Buzzfeed headline link-baiting (ok, maybe just a little), but the sentiment remains the same: don’t attempt to rush through your ranks, and attempt to speed through your jiu jitsu journey.

I know I have mentioned this before, but it still holds true. There are so many lessons that can, and should be experienced at each rank that don’t always have to do with being a particular techniques. It has to do more with the culture, with growing into the belt emotionally as well as technique wise, before feeling ready to move on. You don’t want to reach your black belt, and realize there was so much you missed out on, so many experiences that others had and you missed, because you chose the fastest track to the top.

Life isn’t always about the destination, it really is sometimes about the ride you take, the place you pass, the people you meet, the challenges you face on the way. These experiences and people can mold you, change you, make you a better person when you aren’t looking.

And, we’re also ignoring the bigger part of this whole equation: your instructor. They, ultimately are the ones who decide when you are ready to progress.

So sit back, relax, trust your skill and their assessment of that skill, and enjoy the adventure that is jiu jitsu. 🙂



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