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Age and BJJ Competition: Nothing but a Number?

GracieMag recently interviewed a 36 year old brown belt, Ram Ananda, who recently won  brown belt light-featherweight division at the IBJJF Worlds.

In the interview he states that he doesn’t find much of a difference between the masters and adult division, and that winning the division is proof that age is really just a self- limiting belief. He also mentions the men in the masters division are particularly strong…

I wish I could say I can’t wait for “old man strength” when I get older, except I’m not a man. So instead, I’ll have the pleasure of a constant battle against osteoporosis, muscle atrophy and hot flashes in my future.


Did I also happen to mention it’s my birthday on Thursday?  Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you feel age is really nothing but a number when it comes to competition? Personally, I don’t feel there is too much of a difference between the adult division and up to like, 35 or 40. After 40 I do believe there is enough of a difference in style, speed and strength to warrant a separate division.

Let me know you opinion- otherwise, have a great day everyone!



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