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Eddie Bravo Invitational Matches, Courtesy of DSTRYRsg

So, I guess Eddie Bravo decided to make his own Metamoris and had some guys out to grapple. I really don’t know anything about it other than that, but it also took place the same weekend as Worlds. Call me crazy, but I think this event would have received more attention if it hadn’t been the same weekend as the IBJJF Worlds. But then again no one asked my opinion. *shrug* Oh well.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing some of the matches, check out DSTRYRsg’s page for some no-gi action. And there’s totally a guy wearing an old school X-Men uniform rash guard from OTM- pretty sure it’s Wolverine’s uniform. Which (obviously) prompted this reaction:




Anyway, check it out: otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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