Happy Friday: Liebster Edition



So Hanni (? I’m assuming from your username) from My MMA Life was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award…It’s a pay it forward/chain letter thing. It was nice to be nominated, so here are the questions she’s asked me to answer:


1. What sport/activity changed your life? and why.

Well, jiu jitsu is sort of the obvious answer. Before joining the sport I was overweight, (more) shy, etc. With jiu jitsu, some judo, kettlebell training I’ve shed a lot a weight and, although I have my weak moments now and again, more importantly I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities.

2. what is your favorite cheat meal or junk food?

Dark chocolate, peanut butter, mainly. Sweet potato fries are also pretty delicious.

3. Ideal Sunday

Get up, have a nice breakfast and a good cup of coffee, walk around outside, hang out with some friends, nap, read, a good dinner and then bed. That sounds pretty clutch to me.

4. what’s in your make up bag?

Stuff….Things…. Some different concealers, mascaras. The products I have been using the most are Smashbox eyeliner in black violet (I think? I’m terrible at this game) Benefit’s Fake Up concealer and a quad color pallet from Tarte.

5. Favorite sports equipment.

Other than the most essential piece, my gi, I like my Under Armour compression capri pants (I found them! Case of the missing pants solved!)

6. Top 5 places in the world you would like to visit, and why?

Really all the places I’m listing have beautiful scenery and an interesting history, so here we go:

-British Isles


– Spain/Portugual

– Iceland

-Brazil hops on and off the list: on for its beautiful scenery, off because it has things like the common occurrence of raining spiders. I’m not even kidding.

7. Favorite TV show, movie or series.

Really the only show I have really kept up on recently is Game of Thrones, so that, I guess.

8. Favorite country you’ve been in and why?

The only other country I have been to is France (Paris, and the Burgundy region), which is quite beautiful.

9. If you had a super power which would it be.

Telekinesis, or teleportation, like Nightcrawler. Although I wouldn’t want to be blue like him.

10. Biggest accomplishment so far.

Really, I think starting this blog was a big accomplishment for me (I like writing- having other people read what I write has given me a lot of anxiety in the past though), reaching out to so many people and sharing our thoughts, feelings and experiences in the sport. It’s pretty great! 🙂

11. Most beautiful country you’ve ever been to, and while there what was your favorite dish, dessert, and sweets?

Again, I’ve only been to one other country, France, and while I was there I had a meal at one of the local restaurants in Paris that was just fantastic.


So there you have it. Have a great weekend everyone!

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