Jiu Jitsu: The Importance of Rest

It’s a fact that we all know, but tend to forget or lay to the wayside: resting is just as crucial to your training as drilling, rolling, and making sure you are supplying your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients.


How about you? Do you nap, or at least make sure to get a good night’s rest?  Let me know, otherwise have a great day everyone!

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One response to “Jiu Jitsu: The Importance of Rest

  1. Absolutely! As someone who previously suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I am always vigilant for signs of over-training/impaired recovery. Getting 8 hours’ of unbroken sleep most nights plus at least one 10 hour sleep a week is really important to me if I have a full training schedule. I don’t nap during the day as I find it unbalanced my energy cycles, but I do need to make time to do “nothing” at intervals throughout the day. Some people don’t understand this, as there is a “glorification” of over-training, especially at an amateur/hobbyist level, but I am really lucky that one of the brown-belts I train with previously suffered fibromyalgia so is supportive of taking time for recovery. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s a valuable concept and I hope that it helps people to experience greater longevity in tier training and BJJ careers.

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