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Jiu Jitsu and Meditation: Seizing the Moment

I’ve mentioned before that Jiu jitsu is a sort of unconventional form of meditation- and there is one element on Jiu jitsu and meditation that I find go hand in hand, and that is being present in the moment.

There’s one yoga instructor whose class I have taken several times, and at some point during the class he’ll remind the class to neither lean back and dwell on the past, or forward, anxiously into the future, but to remain centered and focused on the present.

And that can also be applied to Jiu jitsu: you find little success during a rolling session if all you do is focus on the last or the future. Lamenting missed opportunities to execute techniques will only create more missed opportunities, and anxiously waiting to execute something more often than not in my experience leads to other missed chances for something that may not have been what I was looking for, but just the right technique for that position.

Of course, particularly in the beginning there is nothing wrong with waiting for a specific position- but I have found that as you grow in experience and skill, you’ll see chances for other sweeps, submissions, etc. and if you are too focused on how you messed up the last time, or too focused anticipating just one move you’re really just making things more difficult for yourself.

So, I guess in summary, don’t languish too much in your past mistakes, or anxiously anticipate the next move, shunning other options. Be in the here, and now, and seize what moments and opportunities that are given to you.

Those are just my thoughts on the matter. Have a great day everyone!

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