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The Team: Our Big Crazy Jiu Jitsu Family

Brace yourselves everyone, photos are coming…Well, particularly of one tournament, just because that’s what I have…Anyway…


Our team has attended a number of competitions lately, from Pans, to New York Open, NAGA’s, a New Breed tournament, and still have more to attend in the coming months.

We’ve gone to these events, put our best effort and skill out there and either won, or learned for the next match and moved on to the next one. But more important in my opinion is not only the results we get from these tournaments, but the attitude we bring with us: not only are we there to compete and do our best, but we are happy to be there and with each other.


Throwing a teammate- it’s fun! 






I’m always proud of our team: the effort we put out there and the support we offer one another- we train, we compete, we cheer each other on- it really is one big crazy family that I feel very lucky to be a part of.





Just wanted to share with you all- have a great day everyone!

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