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Shakespeare and Jiu jitsu academy lockers

So, quick story, when I was in highschool, instead of taking a practical class like home ec or sewing as an elective, I chose to take Shakespeare, taught by a wonderfully kooky woman. When she wasn’t telling us to cover our eyes during a nude scene in Romeo and Juliet (the Zeffirelli version, not the baz lurhmann edition with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes), or conversely telling us how Shakespeare wrote tons of dirty jokes and sexual innuendos into his comedies, she worked with each student, utilizing their strengths so they could reap the most benefits out of her class.

And her classroom was a mess. A true example of chaos. Shakespearean plays are not meant to be read quietly, but rather performed, and so she has a plethora of random costumes, props, and even a large Elizabethan/Tudor style partition in her classroom, behind which all this stuff (usually) lived. Items always managed to creep out however, and sometimes detention assignments included going to her classroom to straighten out the chaos.

I remember standing with my teacher one one day, looking at her classroom. While viewing the damage from that particular class period she said to me, “you know, some teachers worry about keeping test keys in their classrooms, worried that their students will find them and cheat. I say let ’em- I might actually give them extra credit for the effort.”

That’s sort of how I feel about my locker at the gym. I keep it locked, not because I’m overly concerned about things being taken, but more because I don’t want to come into class one day and find someone has shoved their belongings on top of mine.


Although at this point, I don’t even think I would be mad. I might even commend them for the effort.

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