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Happy Friday: Ancestry Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Heads up, this post has nothing to do with jiu jitsu-

So I just learned about this: apparently you can send a mouth swab to a company, and they will track your ancestry up to a century, I believe, and can approximately pinpoint your ancestors’ hometown (or towns, I would assume).

It sounds interesting, and there are definitely more frivolous ways to spend $100, but other than the sheer novelty aspect to it I’m not so sure I would order the report. I always enjoy learning about my family’s past, but other than the sheer novelty of it, I would find little use for this information. Really, ultimately we all come from the same place, and isn’t that was matter most?

What do you guys thing? Would you order a DNA report, to see what countries your ancestors came from? Let me know-otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!

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