Article About BJJ Women Being Excluded on the Mat

So in perusing the interwebs this morning I read a post on JiuJiu‘s blog about a female who visited another academy and was asked to sit because she was the only girl in the class….

My initial reaction is “well that’s messed up.”

But now I mainly want to know why- why were these guys uncomfortable training with a female? Was this a weird fluke, or is this the norm for the academy? I would hope it was a fluke-tThe presence of women in a school is a sign of a healthy academy, for the most part (of course there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part this holds true across the board) and not that anyone asked, but I would say the owner or primary instructor of the academy should talk to their guys about training with females. You can’t control who is going to walk through your door, or what gender they will be, but no one is helping to make a co-ed environment if you are given the opportunity to include a minority into your academy, and then you exclude said minority.

I dunno, those are just my thoughts. What do you guys think about this situation? Comment here or on JiuJiu’s blog, otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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One response to “Article About BJJ Women Being Excluded on the Mat

  1. lesliejiujitsu

    I find that ridiculous and pretty offensive! I hope this girl got her money back for the mat fee at least since she could not participate! I have visited a number of other gyms in my area (CT – NYC) and have seen many women training at all of them. Maybe this particular gym has no females who train there, but what would they do if one were to walk in the door to join? Tell them to leave? Sorry no women allowed? Sounds crazy to me. Although men are definitely the majority in the sport, there are enough ladies training that I wouldn’t even think this would happen these days. Pretty sad!

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