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Jiu Jitsu: The More You Learn, The Less You Know

I was talking to a teammate about this last night: you know how when you were a kid you assumed that adults had it all figured out, had everything (relatively) under control because they were older, wiser, and had the experience you didn’t? Years go by, you experience a period of time in your teens when you think you about the world and how it works, and then adulthood sort of creeps up on you- slowly, and you eventually realize there is so much out there in the world to which you know absolutely nothing about.

This is What You Know

Getting to a higher a higher rank in Jiu jitsu is sort of like that. As a white belt you look to the higher ranks, awed by their knowledge and control- you get a couple of stripes on your belt, a color change perhaps, and you start to think you have an understanding about how all of this jiu jitsu stuff works, that sooner or later you will master it all and have a real handle on jiu jitsu. By late purple, brown and maybe black (not sure, not there yet so I couldn’t tell you) you realize there is so much out there that you don’t know, it’s astounding. Sure, there are some things you know, and are even pretty good at, and there are some techniques and sweeps that you are familiar with, but then you hear about the million, bajillion other techniques out there and you realize that in your jiu jitsu toolbox, you really only have a relatively small set of tools at your disposal.

A daunting, almost overwhelming concept at times, but I would say relax: sure, you most likely don’t know all the techniques in the world-largely due to the fact that this sport is always evolving- but there are some things you do know, and always remember the core, the basics of jiu jitsu and essential principles stay the same. And never stop learning! Just because you can’t learn it all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least expose yourself to different techniques: you never know, you may find something that will work in your game.

Anyone else feel this way, or starting to feel this way yet? Let me know what you think: otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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